Volandoo is a free live tracking and logbook service for hang gliding and paragliding. The Tracker app is available for iPhone and Android as a native app, built using native APIs for performance, bundle size, and stability reasons. It is designed to be a "set it and forget it" for the pilot. It detects your launch and landing and automatically stops after the flight ends. The app can also notify others about your flight via Telegram, SMS, Facebook, and/or Twitter.

Volandoo also offers the Logbook for your flights. Every time use the Tracker the flight processed is saved. You can also upload IGCs and add them to your logbook.

What does Tracker offer that others don't?

  1. Live tracking, anyone can watch you and others in realtime
  2. Launching and landing detection and automatically stops GPS
  3. Automatic notifications via Telegram and/or SMS to others about your status, as well as Facebook and/or Twitter posts
  4. All flights are processed, analyzed, and saved in the Logbook for later viewing and sharing

How does the Tracker work? and how does the launch and landing detection work?

  1. When you press the PLAY button, the app starts getting GPS location updates, these are sent to the server and you appear on the map, but those updates are not stored in the database yet
  2. When the app detects that you are moving faster than 10km/h on an average of 10 seconds, the tracking starts from the beginning of those 10 seconds. These updates are now stored in the database and your path will be seen on the map. You are flying.
  3. When the app detects that you are moving less than 5km/h on an average of 10 seconds and there is no vertical speed (up or down movement), the tracking stops. You have landed.
    • If you have cell phone reception when you land, the GPS will turn off. You don't need to open the app again to turn it off.
    • Otherwise, the GPS will keep getting your location until you have reception and the app can send a signal to the server. This will help your driver know where to pick you up, even if it's hours after landing.

I have disappeared from the map and my flight has not been saved.

When a flight ends, it is analyzed on the server and if it was not a real flight it is discarded. For the flight to be recognized as real flight, it has to meet two requirements. It has to last more than a minute, and there has to be a vertical distance from the ground of more than 10 meters (33ft) in the first minute. This is done to prevent the app from being used for activities other than free flight.

What type of notification does Volandoo offer?

  1. Telegram: anyone can subscribe to your flights
  2. SMS: You can choose two contacts to be notified (paid service)

Can I share my tracking via WhatsApp?

Yes, but not automatically. WhatsApp is a closed system and messages have to be sent manually by the user. The app has a sharing option on the main screen that you can use.

Why are Telegram notifications free but not SMS?

Telegram does not charge to send messages. To send SMS, we need to use a third-party service and they charge a few cents per message.

How does the notification work?

  1. When you press the PLAY button, you're about to fly. A Telegram notification is sent to all your subscribers with your tracking link
  2. When you start flying, a Telegram and SMS message (if enabled) is sent. The SMS message has the tracking link. The Telegram message does not have the link since it was sent in the previous message
  3. When you land a Telegram and SMS message is sent with a link to google maps with your location

Does the app drain the battery on my phone?

On Android, we have observed that it drains about 3% per hour on average. On iPhone is about 9% per hour. Always fly with enough battery or carry an external with you!

Should I use this only for XC flying?

Not really. You can use this every time you fly. Remember that the flights are saved in the Logbook

Can my flights be tracked privately?

Not yet. Everything is publicly visible at this point. This is on our road map.

Groups Feature?

This will be available soon. The Groups Feature will let you create a group and add other pilots and drivers as well. This will be designed for XC flying, but not exclusively. When this is implemented and you are flying as part of a group, you will not be seeing in the overall tracking map, but a specific map for the group. If you have drivers as part of the group, they will have their own app and be able to follow the group and get notified when pilots start landing so they can go fetch them without delay.

Contact for more information info@volandoo.com